ROI - the maximum return on investment...

As the retail climate remains stormy Messages Pr offer the best interactive promotions to create measurable sales in the stores with our shopper showcases, fashion shows and theatre of food.

Shopper Showcase
If you want to move the stock show them the goods...
We can promote Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas in a way that ticks the box on your calendar while it rings the bell in the till.


Fashion Focus
Fashion shows, style events and our long running Modelsearch competition enliven centres, make social media come alive but more importantly throw a spotlight on the latest fashion offerings.



Theatre of Food
No one has yet found a way to share the tastes and smells of cuisine via the internet. Our Theatre of Food presentations are well supported by national supermarkets and deliver customers hungry for more.

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Get 'Spruiking'
Following an Australian tradition of a compere promoting specific shows. This has generated uplifts of over 50% on retailer figures and has become a regular part of our armoury of ROI weapons.