Getting it right is all in the name - social networking...

Messages PR have been networking with customers in Centres long before the web was invented let alone facebook, twitter, pinterest, foursquare, instagram et al. If you are not talking to, exciting, interacting and involving your shoppers when they are in your centres, why would you bother to be their friend on-line.

Our key is firstly 'engagement' - real social interaction with shoppers which we validate by monitoring ratio of 'talking about' and 'like' - If you check this figure many of the bigger schemes underperform with under 2% interactions.

Secondly we build a facebook mechanic into many of our events - in particular model search contests where we gallerise images and one off - Paparazzi and photo based events. We think facebook is a real asset to a Centre's marketing but only if they are committed to 'social engagement' with their shoppers on every level and in particular in the malls.

We generate positive shopper comments and respond to negative comments!


building likes and adding friends...
On-site activity with competitions and incentives using wifi laptops and tablets can generate instant ‘likes’ in the social context that genuinely mirrors the style of social media. Shoppers are welcomed to the facebook community and the benefits of watching centre posts for information on discounts, offers, new products and events can be fully explained.


customer interaction...
Inviting stores, staff and customers to comment on their facebook postings is an important part of activating pages as part of a community which includes stores as well as shoppers. Where stores have twitter they will be invited to retweet to their followers.

Find out more by downloading our Facebook presentation and then lets get social!