Elfie Shelfie AN ORIGINAL EVENT Messages PR measure the engagement rates of 210 shopping centres on a daily basis. We use the figures generated by Facebook and rank them relative to the number of ‘likes’ for each shopping centre’s facebook page. The 2017, ‘Elfie Shelfie’ posts and viral videos placed 15 of the participating schemes in the top 30 and dominated 9 places in the top 10. The significance of this is amplified by the fact that this positioning was recorded on 2 December when many customers were making key decisions in choosing which shopping centres they would visit in the vital run up to Christmas. 10 MESSAGESPR | FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES Our Elf character will be generating smiles amongst shoppers young and old. Launching the Elfie Shelfie campaign with an immersive viral video of the giant Elf running amok through a shopping centre provided a extraordinary uplift in Facebook views for the participating centres. Irrespective of their size and significance, centres received facebook reaches in tens of thousands, hundreds of comments and likes and an astonishing number of views. This fed into strong engagement with each of the 32 posts which were scheduled over the following 3 weeks. FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES | MESSAGESPR 11 SHELFIE make your christmas message go viral See Elfie in action by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/middletonshoppingcentre/videos/vb.132650366787493/1720759241309923/?type=2&theater https://en-gb.facebook.com/pentagonshoppingcentre/videos/10155397752458853/