16 MESSAGESPR | FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES young shoppers join our elf service Come as yourself, leave as an elf! We put the EXPERT into EXPERIENTIAL Great centre events turn make believe into reality by rewriting the Christmas narrative with children as the stars. The best shopping centre events can literally be transformative. We invite children to join Santa’s Elf Service and enlist as his special, seasonal helpers. We circulate the children to individual Elf stations where we apply rosy cheeks, jingle bells, hats and badges before meeting the Chief Elf or Santa and graduating with their Elf certificate. Alternatively, the activity can be created in one zone or as part of a Christmas launch. Graduation pictures are placed in an album on Facebook with the public invited to like and share the images with a special prize for the most liked elves. The event fills the centre with jolly children and engages families in the magic of the season. FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES | MESSAGESPR 17