6 MESSAGESPR | FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES Elfie Shelfie AN ORIGINAL EVENT In the run up to Christmas. our cheeky Elf figure will be spending the night in different shops, getting up to all sorts of mischief. We will visit 14 stores and pose the Elf figure being mischievous, capturing his antics in a photo. We share this picture on social media and invite shoppers to guess the name of the store and win a prize. The following day, we post a video which reveals the name of the store and also allows the store team to promote their strongest Christmas offers. At the end of each week, in the two week programme, we select one correct post and award a prize. FRESH RESPONSES TO NEW CHALLENGES | MESSAGESPR 7 Interaction Our giant Elf visits the centre and will meet and greet with shoppers providing some memorable Elfie-Selfie moments. Viral Video Content We create a viral video of our life sized Elf figure as he creates havoc amongst shops and shoppers. This is then posted on-line. Sustained The programme runs for 14 days during the key Christmas shopping period, generating a strong viral reach for Facebook. Engaging We create the opportunity for shoppers to participate directly in the activity by posting and commenting. Retailer Driven Unique interactions are created in 14 stores with an opportunity for video posts presenting the best Christmas offers. SHELF I E a fresh approach to Christmas See Elfie in action by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/PrioryDartford/videos/vb.922145524467698/1957860157562891/?type=2&theater https://en-gb.facebook.com/shopmarketgates/videos/1960620993952969/