Temporary changes to our modus operandi

Temporary changes to our modus operandi
In this difficult time, I have decided to secure the position of my staff by ‘furloughing’ all staff so they can self isolate and continue to enjoy an income.
Because there are no planned events over the next few months and because our clients need to keep their costs to a minimum, we will inevitably be reducing the level of involvement with them and therefore our fees.
However because there may be requirements for social media and other marketing I will be taking control of these, including provision of any artwork, press release or social media.
Clients can get hold of me on my mobile number 07976 752705 (phone or WhatsApp) or at my email
Who knows how long the lock-down will take, it’s certainly helped make people appreciate the value of a trip to the shops!
Once people are free to get out of their isolation we will be ready to help our clients maximise what we hope will be a strong uplift in business.
Stay safe.
Kind regards
Mick Knowles